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Attention Atlantic City High School graduates who have yet to pass both portions of The High School Proficiency Assessment or (HSPA).

The HSPA is coming to an end and will be completely phased out March 2015.

The New Jersey Department of Education has developed a new computerized exam for all students seeking a diploma.

If you must pass any portion, it is in your best interest to do so before March 2015.

Atlantic City High School will offer the HSPA to all returning graduates at 4pm on:

Tuesday, October 7th - Mathematics

Wednesday, October 8th – Language Arts Literacy Day 1

Thursday, October 9th – Language Arts Literacy Day 2


Tuesday, October 14th - Mathematics

Wednesday, October 15th – Language Arts Literacy Day 1

Thursday, October 16th – Language Arts Literacy Day 2

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For The Atlantic City High School East Campus
117 North Indiana Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
District Coordinator: Sarah King 
Anti-Bullying Specialist: Harvey Lambert 
Anti-Bullying Specialist: Jacqueline Hamlet

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 8
Go Philly
This trip supports students enrolled in Biology, Ecology, and US History.  At the Franklin Institute - Explore the intricate biology, zoology and physiology of the world’s most spectacular creatures, large and small in this fascinating new exhibition by BODY WORLDS creator, anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens. ANIMAL INSIDE OUT takes students on an anatomical safari of more than 100 specimens. Each animal is painstakingly preserved by the remarkable process of Plastination, invented by Dr. von Hagens.  From goats to giraffes, elephants to eels and octopuses to ostriches visitors will discover the form and function of animals both exotic and familiar. Animal biology textbooks spring to life in this unforgettable museum learning experience  The hope is that this exhibition will show students the similarities between human and animals, leading to a greater respect and appreciation for all animals.  At Independence National Historical Park – Students Become part of America's journey in discovering its past. By visiting Independence Hall, Carpenters’ Hall, Benjamin Franklin Museum, First Bank of the United States, Liberty Bell Center, Old City Hall, Second Bank of the United States and INHP Visitor Center students will experience first person these locations.


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